About DiveSafe

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A mobile app suitable for both recreational and technical divers! Works for iOS & Android.

It supports basic gas planning as well as advanced gas blending.
The highlight of the app is user friendliness and easy of use!

Recreational divers can use it to better understand bestmix/MOD/ppO2 concepts in an easy to digest visual way!

Technical divers can plan and mix gasses. Something unique is the possibility when blending to top up with gasses other than just O2, H2 and air. In addition while blending you can visually simulate how much gas you need to remove from the start tank till you get to a meaningful combination of top ups!

The app was designed by Konstantinos Bakopanos and developed by a team lead by George Bogiatzis. We are especially thankful to Helmut Spangler for his expert advice and testing during development!

It took us 6 months hard work to develop it!

Enjoy and send us feedback!

We really count on your support and if possible ratings in the stores!

The DiveSafe team!